Fire Safety Training

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 11.35.38 AMA major aspect to a successful safety program for employees and occupants, tenants and the public is education! Training is one of the most critical aspects of any response program and yet is often the most overlooked. We have numerous programs from general training of your document and duties to fire drills, extinguisher training, need assistance and personnel care home training, specialized programs for Industrial, mining, policing, manufacturing, residential, high rise, etc. etc. contact us for pricing and custom development.

Fire Safety and Drill Training Outline

General Fire Hazard Awareness

The procedures for emergency response are trained to employees and client department personnel with the required information concerning the location, operation and use of emergency equipment installed in the workplace

This means overview knowledge of what the building has for equipment, specifics of how it’s used and when for fire extinguishers, fire panel, etc.

(Time line to train the above – 2.0 – 2.25 hrs including a 15 min. break per class and 2 to 3 DVD Videos)

Emergency Planning - Training of Supervisory Staff
(National Fire Code:

Supervisory staff must be trained in the fire emergency procedures described in the fire safety plan, prior to staff assuming any responsibility or the implementation of the fire safety plan. The fire code also states that the adequately trained supervisory staff can be of great value in directing people to move in an orderly fashion in the event of fire and in carrying out appropriate fire control measures.

All staff must receive comprehensive initial training and maintain that level of training and awareness.

Emergency Planning
(National Fire Code:

Some occupants of a building may require special assistance during evacuation because of injury, cognitive or physical limitations that will make them unable to proceed independently to a place of safety. Fire safety for these persons will depend to a large extent on preplanning, staff training and on their own awareness of the fire protection measures incorporated into the building.

Special assistance measures must be implemented for the disabled and supervisory staff adequately trained to assist in an emergency.

Who Requires Fire Safety and Hazard Awareness Training?

The National and Provincial Fire Codes, (the law) requires all persons with responsibility outlined in the fire safety plan to have fire safety and hazard awareness training.

General Fire Hazard Awareness
Fire Safety and Hazard Awareness in the Workplace

Course Description and Objectives:

This training workshop is approximately two hours. The “Fire Safety and Hazard Awareness in the Workplace or Residence Workshop” is a high impact presentation about fire safety at work. The training will provide participants with information about their surroundings; life safety systems installed in the building; dangerous conditions and hazards that could cause a fire, or assist in its spread; how to react, protect and warn others in the building when a fire or fire alarm condition occurs and how to conduct an actual Fire Drill.

Upon completion of Fire Plan Pro training workshop participants will be aware of:

  • The Hollywood portrayal of fire and the reality of fire, their responsibilities outlined in the fire safety plan & fire emergency organization, the benefits of planning, preparing and practicing prior to a fire incident, and fire hazards that may aid in a fire starting, isolating and confining a fire to stop it from spreading.
  • The building’s design, life safety systems in the building, and have a better appreciation of their surroundings, How and who to call for help, Self protection and survival methods, Methods of safe evacuation and practices
  • Reporting process for concerns and their roles in an evacuation.

Note: The training workshop is customized to be site specific.

We also do Fire Drills and Staff Training – 45min – Cost $595 per site (+ any Travel Expenses)

  • 1 week prior confirm Tenant/Occupant notice of Fire Drill date and time with Property Manager.
  • Meet with Fire Supervisory staff and personnel on site prior to Drill.
  • Review procedures and Fire Drill Form, confirm roles, reset tools as needed and timing.
  • Contact monitoring Company, Fire Department of Drill with Drill time.
  • Meet with Tenants/staff/occupants/public prior to Drill in a common area.
  • Choose/Hold lottery for person to pull station.
  • Pull alarm conduct evacuation (if desired), silence, reset pull station, re-set alarm.
  • Debrief Tenants/staff/occupants/public in Common area and answer questions post Drill.
  • Debrief/meet with Fire Supervisory staff and personnel post drill fill in Fire Drill Form.

We also Do Need Assistance and Personal Care Home Training – Cost $75 per person (10 person minimum charge per group per day) as outlined in General Fire Hazard Awareness – with additional Elderly/Senior training component. Time 2.0 to 3.0hrs per group.

We also do Specialized training for most all aspects of Industrial, Mining, Government and Policing facilities. Contact us for costs.