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In 1997 RYCOM SG began as a Loss Prevention and Profit Recovery Private Investigation service specializing in programs such as: Internal Theft,  Forensic Audit & Investigation, Dishonesty Interviews, Mystery Shopper Programs, CCTV Sales and Management Consulting across Canada. In 1998 we were approached by a City of Winnipeg Fire Prevention Officer about developing a Fire Safety Plan for the Apartment block we were caretakers for and the rest is history...
We began doing Fire Safety and Disaster Response plans full time by 2000 and we have become one of the most identified and respected brands in the industry. Our clients include the Federal Government of Canada, SNC Lavalin O&M, CBRE Canada, the RCMP, The Ontario Provincial Police, Provincial Housing Authorities, and to each of these we are the #1 supplier of Fire Safety and Disaster Response Manuals.
We are a small and very mobile company, we rely on our skills, knowledge and technology to produce Industry Standard documents that are on average 40% more concise then our competitors. An average Fire Plan is less then 85 pages including the fire code required maintenance section AND Floor Plans.
We believe in relationships and integrity with our clients, that has stood the test of time. We maintain one of the highest security ratings for a supplier in the Federal Government of Canada.
In the fall of 2013 we will be exploring India, Mumbai (Bombay) to be specific, to open up an Asia office, a very exciting adventure for us.
We are a family run consulting company you can trust! We would love the opportunity to work with you.