A Disaster Plan is a more holistic program that covers a number of different scenarios, depending on your facility’s operations and scope of possible situations that could arise. Our scope of incidents include but are not limited to: Active Threat/Shooter, Bomb Threats, Medical Emergencies, Chemical Spills, Suspicious Package/Substance, Utility Shutdown, Explosion, Earthquake, Tornado, Flooding, Public Demonstration, Lockdown, Shelter-in-Place, and Workplace Violence just to name a few.

Depending on your facility, its tenants, and the work that is done on-site there may be other concerns that arise as well. We at RSG try to provide a 3rd party review of your existing work outline, tenant risks (for example a tenant may deal with high risk offenders as a parole function, or irate workers in a workman’s compensation environment…etc.), policing, court and jail/detention environments, medical treatment or care facilities. Each one has its own personality so-to-speak and requires specific response techniques and/or procedures. Manufacturing and Industrial or Chemical plants must utilise a concise, strict immediate process to mitigate even greater risk if a process is to be abandoned or shut down.
RSG has done most every kind of facility you can imagine, and it one of the greatest testimonies we could offer to be trusted by so many different industries and clients to help them develop programs that work!

Our programs work with the buildings tenants, but from a consulting perspective, where there is No Plan we create a draft of optional responses to start the conversation and ultimately design a working program that reflects the legitimate risks and responses for that facility. Our process doesn’t stop there. One of our greatest endorsements is the number of years we continue to provide trusted services for our clients, re-checking the program annually or longer with everchanging updates to Fire Codes, Labour Acts, Provincial and City By-laws etc. to remain as current as required by law.

Our programs meet and exceed many general liability and government requirements. We specialize in bringing documents and programs together that seamlessly blend the multiple Acts, Codes and By-laws that umbrella many facilities either due to location, tenant type (Federal, Provincial, Military or Policing), Departmental directives, etc.

Use our request a quote form to request pricing for these heavily recommended programs to ensure Workplace Health & Safety compliance and Liability protection. We try to make these programs as “Turn Key” and cost efficient as possible. In fact, you may be surprised at how little they cost for such a major program, ranging from $4900 to over $15,000 for challenging environments.