An Evacuation Plan differs from a Fire Safety Plan in its content as well as its general purpose. A Evacuation Plan is a minimal amount of critical information that is designed to be a quick and effective reference for an observer to glean the basic critical instructions they may need to survive an emergency in the facility they are in. They normally consist of a Emergency Route Picture Floor Plan and a 1 page set of basic response instructions (i.e. Don’t use Elevators, etc.)

These programs do not meet the Provincial and National Fire Code requirements for a Fire Safety Plan, which would contain a full audit of the facility and all its Life Safety equipment, listed within a manual, along with operating instructions, identified locations on a Floor Plan, maintenance requirements and records, need assistance (handicap/disability) occupant list, etc. etc.

Evacuation Plans are best suited to occupancies that do not have a dedicated Fire Panel for their space, are a Tenant in a Retail Mall or strip mall, a town house complex, Tenants in a Commercial facility, etc.