Fire Safety Training

We also provide full Fire Safety Plan response document training for building and facility staff on their expected duties and responsibilities in an emergency. This program outlines the various nuances of the property, expectations of Supervisory Staff, along with clear and defined duties and roles for various levels of authority within the existing management structure.

We take the time to teach the purpose and reasons to preplan responses, over-views of existing equipment and its use (such as fire extinguishers, pull stations, kitchen suppressions systems, computer room special suppression systems, etc.), Fire Panel operation and use, we discuss need assistance persons and a host of varying questions participants may have throughout the training.

The purpose of any training is to successfully educate and equip attendees with knowledge and the direction they will need to ensure the best possible outcome of or during a serious and even life-threatening condition.

Class sizes are limited to 30 per session, in our client’s facilities. (We can provide facilities at an extra charge as requested).

Time required: 2.5hrs