Lockdown Drill

For various reasons, for different conditions, there are times when entry and exit from a facility may need to be implemented. We come from humble but established Security roots in our company. Long before we became the premier fire safety planning consultants we are, we were security experts first. Our goals to train and educate have never left us, and as virtually any of our clients can tell you, we are always about the liability…you (our clients) real and perceived risk. What that means is we provide value added feedback from every audit we conduct that outlines any code violations, recommendations for better use and practices in and around a facility that we observe, supplier audit of completed work, as well as varying issues of security and vulnerabilities we observe during our physical walk- through audit of the facility. We can make these recommendations for you to discuss with your insurance provider and your local law enforcement agency. The process is designed to start the discussion and settle on your facility’s ability, risk exposure, etc.

Many time over our 20year history that process alone has lauded our work from clients, thankful and even astonished that we catch things that have been overlooked for some cases, for years!

A Lockdown is a test of your facility’s vulnerability and ability to shelter or protect in place those inside from real or potential external threats, aggressive behaviour in another tenant space, etc.

This training is a Federal requirement for government buildings to conduct a lockdown drill once every 2 years, and should be the same for all private facilities.

Time required: 75min + Notification and Mandatory participation from Building Tenants.