As you may already know The National & Provincial Fire Codes requires an annual review for accuracy and relevance if anything has changed in your plan, life safety equipment, and/or instructions. Things like Maintenance staff, Facility Managers, Property Managers, Caretakers, phone numbers, suppliers, any of the buildings life safety equipment changes; like a fire panel upgrade, floor plans, etc. The only changes that might be beyond an easy fix are the more technical things like by-law changes or new implementations (new requirements for reporting or inspection), Fire code updates (which happened in 2011, a new 2010 Fire Code was issued in Canada and adopted with some amendments specifically for the various Provincial Fire Codes), etc. which happen approximately every 5 years or the simpler issue of your time and the doubt or frustration of trying to remember “what” to do for the annual update.

Now we have done literally thousands of buildings for a host of clients both private and government since our beginnings in 1997, all of our private property management buildings have/had the 1 year update program we give with the purchase of our On-Site services for a document. The required updates for code, etc. can sometimes be covered under that 1 year update process. If not we have 1 year and 3 year update program that includes any needed Updates and a full re-printing of the updated document and floor plans.

NOTE: (for RYCOM SG/Fire Plan Pro developed programs only)

We only update our own documents currently because we are considered the industry standard for clients like the RCMP, OPP, PSPC, MHA and as such they count on our processes to be as complete as possible. So, the only way we can be sure that ‘what’ is in the document actually ‘is’ in the document is if we apply our process which includes the on-site audit walk-through, visual compliancy reference of your suppliers tags to required code adherence practices, etc. We are a 3rd party investigator with no vested interest in the components of your systems i.e. we don’t sell or service fire panels, extinguishers, smoke alarms or detectors, lighting, etc. That way you get as close to a true inspection by integrity standards.

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