Is a price conscious and complete service but requires you or your designate to be our eyes and feet so-to-speak... we will send you a quote agreement and a deposit invoice, once we have a signed agreement or payment, we will send you an outline of digital pictures we need, (that we would like to use for your document) and a walk-through form for you to fill in, very similar to the quote request form on this site. Any floor plans that are available old or new are a definite asset but not a absolute requirement and we can provide you a basic drawing and then get your help filling it in.

Since you may not know or understand what you are looking for exactly, we also send you a quick reference guide and we can literally walk you through the info gathering process. When you send the deposit payment we ask for a copy of your latest Fire Panel Test Report and any Sprinkler and/or Stand Pipe Test Reports to be included or you can e-mail them or even fax them to us and after you send us the info, then we take it from there...

We develop a Fire Safety Plan that meets and in most cases exceeds the local fire department’s standards, we send you a Rough Draft for approval and review along with any outstanding questions we may have. Once you approve it with any changes you request we will either send another Rough Draft or we can finalize and print the documents (3 is standard but we can provide up to 7 binders) The final invoice and package and ship them to you for arrival to your door where that service is available. 

We also provide updates upon request, for the next year after the document is finalized. As an example a person may change in a position, a major/minor change is made to an office space etc. that now needs the floor plans updated and so on; and once we receive final payment we send a PDF copy of the whole document for your convenience and records that can be referenced and re-printed at your leisure.

The price for this program is dependent on your building's Life safety features, and you will need to invest a minimum of 3 hours of your time and will save approx. 55% off the On-Site price. (time is calculated at about 30 min per floor plus any admin. time to download photos, email etc.) This program is an excellent way to invest in learning about your property and its Life Safety Features!

Please Note: we are currently redeveloping our On-Line Program to become self automated for client based fire plan development which will include a simple client drawn floor plan option so we are not offering that option until approx. January 2016 so if that is a better option to you please check back then.