Many large facilities and chains do not have the ability or spectrum of subject matter expertise to review their own facility’s compliance to the numerous Codes and Acts that govern the physical presents they must adhere to just to do the work. Fire Codes, City By-laws, certain Building Codes, Labour Codes for employee safety, Directives from Department Ministry in Federal applications, are some of the sometimes overwhelming plethora of red tape a Facility/Property Manager or Health & Safety Officer must keep in mind when reviewing the equipment and day-to-day operation in a facility.

Our Risk Analysis program can be combined with most of our other programs, and is generally included with any of our Disaster Plan programs. The purpose is to get either a complete snapshot of your business’s ability and compliance to a various scope of requirements from internal procedures/policies to legally required compliance for Fire and Workplace Safety Codes and Acts.

In the words of the Mine Manager for De Beers in the North West Territories “I’ve been managing mines for 30 years…and your Risk Analysis of our 23 buildings and the mine itself, is the best I’ve ever seen! Simple, concise and complete with recommendations! You guys are the best I’ve seen.”

Use our Request-a-quote program to contact us today. Our most recent inquiry for this program is from the Cannabis Industry looking for Life Safety & Security Procedure Compliance audits for over 600 sites…retail and licenced producers.

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