2017 has been our best year in the last 20! Thanks to all our great clients who continue to ask us to develop new and practical ways to help their ability to respond to more and more varying emergency events. As the primary supply to the Public Works department as the only preferred, high security cleared company, we provide Fire Safety Plans and Building Emergency Evacuation Plans to handle various disaster and violence in the workplace scenarios.

In 2018 we are formally launching our Lockdown Drill, and the highly coveted Active Shooter physical on-site Drill using a real-time Fake body armored RYCOM SG employee as the shooter. Check out our course descriptions under services or click on the above links.

As you may already know The National & Provincial Fire Codes requires an annual review for accuracy and relevance if anything has changed in your plan, life safety equipment, and/or instructions.



If you have an old plan and you would like a quote on replacing it please click on the simple link below...