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Founded in 1997… We are a 3rd party investigator with no vested interest in the components of your systems i.e. we don’t sell or service fire panels, extinguishers, smoke alarms or detectors, lighting, etc. That way you get as close to a true inspection by integrity standards.


Fire Safety Plan - "Most Requested"

This document is part of a fire code requirement basically for buildings of all sorts that have a Fire Panel and alarm system. This document audits all the life safety systems in your building and is the primary training and response program for building owners, staff, tenants and/or occupants. It is a 'Legal' requirement for all: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Day Cares, Schools, Hospitals, Jails, Courts...etc.

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Fire Drill

Accomplished, concise, informative, practical and fun are just a few of the words our clients use to describe the various training programs we provide to them. Whether it’s a simple Fire Drill to a few key staff, or to a whole group of tenants, seniors or property management personnel we have the experience and proven track record to meet your needs. We do a complete bell ring and train your staff to do this themselves if they wish, again in the future.


Evacuation Plan

A simple set of posted instructions and a floor plan with an egress (escape) route highlighted. This is useful for Residential homes and Townhouses that don’t have fire panels, Commercial or Retail chains & tenants in a Mall or multi tenant environment(s). This is not generally for buildings that have a fire panel since they must meet National, Provincial or State Code Requirements.


Disaster Response Plan

A Disaster Plan is a more holistic program that covers a number of different scenarios, depending on your facility’s operations and scope of possible situations that could arise. Our scope of incidents include but are not limited to: Active Threat/Shooter, Bomb Threats, Medical Emergencies, Chemical Spills, Suspicious Package/Substance, Utility Shutdown, Explosion, Earthquake, Tornado, Flooding, Public Demonstration, Lockdown, Shelter-in-Place, and Workplace Violence just to name a few.


Site Risk Analysis

This document is a critical addition to large complexes like mining site and large retail like the new Cannabis Industry. With clients like De Beers Diamond Mine’s and Indigenous Services Canada we have worked in isolated communities auditing a full spectrum of buildings and designated work areas for specific and/or specialized Code and Act compliance. We create a concise and full report on our assessment and recommendations on each individual building or requested area. We can audit existing procedures from security to fire safety, supplier consistency and compliance to overall concerns with staff attitudes and behaviors.